Cancer Research 2020

According to a new study men with breast cancer are more likely to die than their female counterparts, across all stages of disease. 

The five-year mortality rate for men was 19% higher than for women. Additional studies are needed to identify the causes but any such studies would likely require international consortia because male breast cancer is so rare, accounting for less than 1% of cases.It is so rare, it would be extremely difficult for any single institute to recruit a sufficient number of patients for research.The study used 11 years of registry data from states 1.8 million female patients but only 16,025 male patients.About 85% of male breast cancer is ER-positive, a proportion that is higher than female breast cancer patients (75%)

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Researchers have identified a targeted therapy for adolescent patients with neuroblastoma, a deadly pediatric nerve cancer, who would otherwise have no treatment options

Neuroblastoma is one of the most common and aggressive pediatric nervous system tumors and generally has a poor prognosis, particularly when it advances in older children. Treatment success for the disease varies, but is exponentially less in adolescent patients, particularly because the disease lacks effective targeted therapies.
 Scientists continue to expand this research into the role of the mutant ATRX protein in the laboratory and hope to eventually open a clinical trial with collaborating institutions. Based on this research, they believe that EZH2 inhibitors could also be effective in other ATRX mutant cancers, such as pediatric glioblastoma multiforme and osteosarcoma.
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28th International Conference on Cancer Research and Pharmacology

PULSUS Conferences is glad to invite all the participants across the globe to attend 28thInternational Conference on Cancer Research and Pharmacology” scheduled during June 29-30, 2020  in Paris, France  which will mark the gathering of many renowned Oncologists, Pharmacologists, Healthcare Professionals, Researchers, Academicians, Students and Business Delegates. The meeting for this year will revolve around the theme “ConqueringCancer with the Modern progression”

Conference Highlights: 

Track 2 : Organ Specific Cancer Track 3 : Radiation Oncology Track 4 : Neuro-Oncology Track 5 : Cancer Immunotherapy Track 6 : Innovation and Clinical Trials